Welcome to the Intensive Training Academy

Overcoming Addiction, Pain, Fear, and Anxiety. How do you do that? 

FOCUS on change.

My name is Yvette Eersel and I am trainer & coach at the Intensive Training Academy.

The purpose of the academy is to help people from addiction to freedom, poverty to abundance, from fear to faith and from curse to blessing.
In our lives, we get hurt by others or by or own decisions. Those pain and hurts make us become frightened and or let us stagnate in our decisions and goals.

We constantly live under the fear of failing, fear of people, or even fear of success. Many get depressed and lonely, withdrawn from people they love.
Others stay in abusive relationships and don't know how to solve or change their situation.
People live in from generation to generation in poverty because of what was thought by parents, education and society about finances and success.
Some people cover the hurt and anxiety through addiction by prescription- or illegal drugs, alcohol, gambling, and overeating.

As trainers, we help you look at your inner hurts, fears, and doubts.  Together we work to overcome these areas.
Our purpose for you is to get healthy again. Healed from past hurt, free from fear and anxiety .
If you are tired of missing your goal in life, of living in poverty and failing all the time, then you are welcome at the Intensive Training Academy.  
In our 7 week courses, you will start to get insight into the reason for your stagnations. You will have intensive training to get restored AND become a successful in life.


Why can't you break through?

Sometimes you make a decision and you want to go all the way. But then there comes a thought that blocks progress. You stagnate in your actions. What you intended to do is sabotaged by your own behavior and thoughts and ultimately not implemented. How is that possible? You wanted it, didn't you? Discover what is holding you back on the upcoming Intensive Training Days.

Quote: If you don't have confidence, you 'll always find a way not to win. (Carl Lewis).

Topics; recovery from emotional pain and stagnation,

 that prevents from reaching the goal.

What is holding you back?

We work at the root of the problem.